DoTerra Scam – Is DoTerra Legit?

essential oilsThe question about DoTerra scam and its legitimacy can only be resolved by having a close look at the company’s website. This overview breaks down the basics of this company and delves into the controversy with the lawsuit from Young Living Essential Oils.

DoTerra scam: company overview

DoTerra is a marketing company that was started back in April 2008. It was later involved in a prelaunch in January 2011.The Company is run by teams of experts with different specializations from their backgrounds. Nothing much is given as far as the people behind the company is concerned. The company has had a smooth growth since the start. However, just as any other business, there is a time they had some problems which were resolved by the experts who are determined to meet their business goals.

Some of the company leaders came from another natural oils company named Young Living. There was a lawsuit by Young Living against DoTerra in the Summer of 2012 alleging copyright infringements, stealing product formulas, and breach of contract. However, DoTerra feels this is without merit and that the lawsuit will not detract from the progress or overall business operations of the company.

DoTerra scam: the products

The company’s main product has been DoTerra oils. These are essential oils that have been used for different purposes with no side effects of the traditional medicines. Most of these oils have been used for therapeutic purposes. One thing that has made their oils very popular is the fact that they deal with natural oils. Most companies claim to have natural oils but they are usually synthetic (chemicals that are manmade). Such essential oils are sold at a cheaper price and end up with various faults. The synthetic oils can have a unpleasant stench as well as become greasy before solidifying.

It’s necessary to mention that DoTerra scam review shows how well their product has been rated. Their essential oils have been proven to have a high standard of CPTG (Certified pure therapeutic grade). In addition to this, they have been awarded an A- grade by the BBB which stands for Better Business Bureau. You can review comments on the website and notice a generally positive theme. This clearly shows that these oils are among the best in the market today.

The company also has interests in health as well as beauty. They have been able to mix their essential DoTerra oils with other products that have been used in skin and hair care. Some supplements have also been mixed with the oils to make the best diets used for health purposes.

DoTerra scam: compensation plan

The company has a retail commission of 25 percent for all customer sales in addition to a 9 percent commission on all preferred sales from customers. In order to help the customers to start off with great purchases, they offer incentives within the first thirty days. This comprises a bonus of 20% on purchases within the time frame mentioned.

DoTerra scam: summary

It’s very clear that Doterra has made a platform for all individuals seeking health from natural oils to lean on. The organization accommodates everyone, including those with tight budgets. Just as any other MLM organization, DoTerra allows you to earn commissions after the sales of about $100 which is fairly easy to achieve if you are working this business conscientiously. You can therefore join the organization without worries.

in case you have more information that can prove the legitimacy DoTerra scam or DoTerra legit, feel free to share it. You can do this by leaving your comment below.

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