Lyoness Scam – This Lyoness Review Unveils A Legit Program

membershipThe big question is, does the supposed Lyoness scam offer cash back and investment returns? This is a worry that has restricted many with a desire to join their business plan. We can only get the answer by going through their business in this detailed report. Let’s start by looking at the business overview.

Lyoness scam: business overview

Lyoness is a company that was started in the year 2003 and has spread throughout much of Europe. It was founded and launched the same year by a mathematician Hubert Freid who is also the current CEO. According to a Lyoness review given from his website, His background information cannot be tracked as well as his business before the launching of Lyoness (that is before 2003). In 2012, the company is aggressively seeking to grow in the USA.

The company is not involved in selling any products but rather concentrates on marketing the company’s membership. Their membership is free. Once you become a member, you are issued with a card (cashback card). The card provides the user with a right to get cashback from certain purchases made by partnered retailers. The partnered retailers are all members that join the business through your marketing (these are your recruits). They therefore form a line below you including those that they themselves help to join. This is not unlike traditional MLMs in the downline approach.

Lyoness scam: cashback deal

The company offers cash back to every purchase that is made either offline or online. This also applies to all purchases from gift cards from your partnered retailers (your recruits). The amount is usually between 1-2 percent and disbursed weekly. The minimum amount that can be given is usually 15 dollars. In addition to that, you also get a 0.5 percent payment on every purchase made by people you have directly recruited into the business. These are mainly people within 2 levels down your recruit’s channel.

The company divides all the members into teams of two levels each. The first team is made up of two people below you that you have recruited to the company. The other teams follow in that order including the recruits from your recruited members.

Lyoness scam: accounting units

It’s important to note that this is the area where the business plan goes wild and it’s usually complicated. An accounting unit is usually made up of $75. This is basically inclusive of commissions earned directly or indirectly (these are bonuses you get from your purchases as well as those from referrals, respectively) and the members down payment towards payment or gift cards. The accounting units are further tagged into right and left units.

In case you are able to secure 35 accounting units on both right and left tags, the Lyoness scam company combines them to make a total of 70 units. These units earn a total of $675 as commission. A further $198 bonus is also give when 4 of your recruits make each an accounting unit. However, only the latter is given as cash, while the $675 must be spent with a Lyoness partner. This further complicates the whole plan.

Lyoness scam: conclusion

The company provides a compensation plan with cash back and investment returns, but it can seem rather complicated for people who are getting started. It’s a unique niche with plenty of upside potential for shoppers and vendors alike. So if this matches your interests, it’s worth getting to know the compensation plan thoroughly to fully capitalize. If you are asking…is Lyoness legit, they certainly are.

if you have any information regarding the Lyoness scam offer on cash back and investment returns,feel free to share it. This Lyoness review is a good start, but your feedback is valuable. You can do this by leaving your comment below.

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  1. Comment by Lyoness reviews | Aslanphotograp

    [...] Lyoness Scam – This Lyoness Review Unveils A Legit Program …The big question is, does the supposed Lyoness scam offer cash back and investment returns? This is a worry that has restricted many with a desire to join their … [...]

  2. Comment by Dominik Strobel

    To further complicate this :-) it is not entirely correct that accounting units only pay out as partner store credit. If a unit is created through purchases, the payout will be as Loyalty CASH. If a unit was created through a gift card downpayment, then the payout is as Loyalty CREDIT, i.e. it must be spent on gift cards from loyalty partners, such as Wal-Mart, Sears or BP etc. which is no big deal, because we all spend our money with several of these partners anyway.

  3. Comment by Ivan

    SCAM is like what many governments are running.
    Is Lyoness a scam?
    They pay on time and ever time, people benefits, merchants benefits and it is a win win situation for everyone.
    Can you invest any money into Lyoness NO that’s right you can not invest any money into Lyoness.
    You can if you have any intention to build a shopping network however pre-purchace some of these shopping units if you would like but it is NOT a requirement. In case you do purchase some of these shopping units in advance and if your financial situation get tough later you are absolutely allowed to shop these shopping units off, just as if you had made a down payment on a new car.
    Do you get punished if you do not want to recruit other members? absolutely NOT as a matter of facts more than 80% in America are members and do not participate in recruiting other members.
    Shop, share and do it again is what we promote but if you do not that is also OK.
    We say “Together we are strong” and with more than 3 million members I think that we just showed you the way.

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