Partner with Paul Myers Scam: Caution Ahead

Before I go into the partner with Paul Myers scam details, let me put something clear. There is a famous guy on Warrior Forum called Paul Myers. This is not the same person in the partner with Paul Myers program.

How does Paul’s partnership program work?

The program requires that you sign up and pay a shipment fee of $9.95 to get a starter kit. This fee is refundable if you feel that the starter kit is not good enough and return it within two weeks.

If you keep the kit for more than two weeks, which is taken to mean that you are using it, you are supposed to pay an additional $39.95 which is automatically deducted from your account. The starter kit is supposed to help you get started with online business and make much more than what it costs within that two weeks.

The partner with Paul Myers scam starter kit

The starter kit contains a twelve page booklet, a CD and a DVD. The information contained on the booklet seems to be the only valuable information but still not good enough to help one start a meaningful online business.

Is the whole thing a scam?

Paul seems to have so much that does not come up clearly from the word go. First, it is not clear whether he is really Paul Myers or just hiding behind the name. Second, he does not reveal to you that by partnering with him, you will actually be joining Herbalife MLM.

Herbalife is a company that was famous for selling weight loss products but has been faced with lots of negative comments about its MLM program.

To conclude this partner with Paul Myers scam review, I would say that there are reasons to take a second thought before partnering with Paul. You also need to know that the program involves Herbalife MLM.

You should therefore first decide whether you are ready to market the company’s products.

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Users Comments

  1. Comment by Angry Customer

    Good description you have here .. there were also several complaints to the Better Business Bureau already against Partner With Paul LLC.

    My arguments:
    1-no information to explain what the business is about (it is in fact MLM or network marketing)
    2-the company that will “sell” you products is called Herbalife (do a search you will find some not very good things about this company)
    2-when you sign up (9.95 for the 14-day trial) they will still charge 39.95 after the 14-day trial period
    3-impossible to reach anyone by email or phone

    Smells like a scam, sounds like a scam then it is a SCAM!!

    Anyone interested in this program please read all you can about this to be aware of the true nature of this scam, don’t waste your time and money.

  2. Comment by Craigslist Posted Ads


    That partner with Paul Myers program has started to SCAM persons on the website in Canada and everyone needs to be WARNED in advance not to answer his emails for money.


  3. Comment by Alyssa

    They are now starting to spam instagram! Seriously?? A photosharing website? I have received numerous spam comments on Instagram that link back to this jackass. Stay FAR FAR AWAY!

  4. Comment by Johnny

    Spamming Instagram. The earnings he shows there can easily be spoofed by simply copying the pages of the website he showing revenue from, build a small database and run it within his local machine there for making it look like he is this huge money maker. His entire program smells!

  5. Comment by Mando

    that’z crazy…sad reviews…i knew someone who sold for that company, the program didn’t make sense or the though of at least. In business if it makes sense it make $$$$ and attemping to acquire a customer base on pills and protein…it don’t move me, now being invovle with a different company that has great ratings in the BBB and DSA and Inc.500/5000 thats stays on top of major wealth trends is something that moves me.

  6. Comment by Pierre

    Well, thank you very much for all those comments. I was just about to join this partnership. they almost convinces me till I start reading your comments
    I got a feeling that I I would have lost my money.
    Thanks again

  7. Comment by Jake

    I find it funny that he says, repeatedly, that he’s “Not going to charge you a dime.” Listen, buddy, I didn’t fall of the turnip truck yesterday!

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