The Master’s Touch Review: A Step By Step Examination

The master’s touch review that I have written is a step by step examination of the business and its site. It is designed in such a way that it will leave you in a better position to make a decision on whether to join it or not. Here is what you need to know.

What is the Master’s Touch?

The Master’s Touch (TMT) is a website that promises to offer people the necessary equipment and training to start a cleaning business in their area. According to them, the site is not a franchise. The Masters Touch mainly deal with offering people equipment and training for cleaning hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete, granite, hardwood floors and the like.

Who is it for?

According to the site, anybody can benefit from what it offers. One does not need any special qualification to start the cleaning business apart from the training that Master’s Touch provides.

The Master’s Touch Review: What Are the Requirements for signing up?

You will only need to provide basic contact information so that you can be able to access the sites online presentation. After this you move on to a page that tells you what you will be doing. TMT offers four packages from which you can choose from.

1. The first track package

This package costs $13,900. It includes a surface cleaning machine, a 4-days, hands on training on using the machine, an advertising package including a website with a two year free hosting, brochures and business cards and an all time support.

2. First truck trailer package

For $20,900, you get everything in the first package plus a 5” by 8” trailer. The trailer bears your website’s advertisement and comes with shelves, tools hangers, chrome wheels and a ramp door for easy loading of the equipment.

3. The $55,500 package

This package offers a 12 feet trailer with your business information on its sides. You also get a better cleaning machine which calls for a few more days of training.

4. The van package

This package offers the members a van on top of all the tools that one gets from the other packages. The package costs $49,000 plus the price of the van you want.

The Master’s Touch review summary

This site seems to offer a fine business opportunity, guessing from the amount it is charging. However, the costs for the packages are very high and you need to take time to decide whether you can afford the start up costs and also the lag time before you start to generate consistent income. You will have to have a good marketing plan and be ready to work hard to get this or any other new business off the ground.

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Users Comments

  1. Comment by David Ray

    I personally know that most of the customers that get started I thus biz op end up failing, and then on the hook or $20-50k in equipment financing debt. You can get te same equipment, and do the same biz for a fraction of the cost. I would advise highly to avoid this company.

  2. Comment by Rob

    The TMT opportunity is an advanced form of deception. The equipment, marketing material, live people you deal with when you get there are all very real. What is questionable are the motives of both parties: You the investor and them the benefactor of said investor.

    For them; they have proven equipment that in the hands of any novice, child, or monkey can clean whatever to an exceptional result.

    Nonetheless, this business opportunity is an awesome way to make excellent money for those who want to rid themselves of the heavy baggage that working for someone else might do. In other words, if you are currently in carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, in any cleaning business or have been, whether from lawn care, pressure washing, tile setting, laying sod or any various kinds of service industry professions, this opportunity is just that. It’s an opportunity and only an opportunity.

    The amount of work and critical thinking that must go into this before you even think about signing anything is immense. Please, before you sign the dotted line: ask for phone #’s from the hundreds of businesses that are in existence today! Did I say hundreds, well I meant to say handful. Compared to how many people they put in business to how many people are currently in business, it is small. Most have survived the recession due to their already established business that has kept them afloat. Then they incorporate tile and grout cleaning as an extension to their business.

    I read somewhere about luck from a previous post. At TMT they would call it faith. I call it a numbers game. Knock on a hundred doors and get 2-3 yeses. Knock on a 1,000 doors, get 12 to 13 yeses. I hope you have callous knuckles and you know people, because it’s who you know and how hard and often you knock before you can make consistent money doing this from scratch. Did you get that word? Consistent. It is what is required when you decide to invest in this cleaning machine. Be wise about the opportunity that is here. Get the names of the hundreds of truck mounts and portable units that were sold to countless people like your selves first thru TMT and ask what they did wrong or what they did right and find out why they are no longer doing it. In fact, there are a ton of aftermarket machines available from very gullible people who have gone before you. They were just like you. Hungry to do something different, better and provide for their families, but never considered everything first.

    Take it from someone who loves the cleaning industry and who made it a very successful opportunity for my family, but just remember these things:

    1) Money – Not only for the purchase of said opportunity, but the great cost of doing business in the first place. Expect a loss for the first two years.
    2) Physical Labor – although the physical aspect of pushing a very light floor tool is not too exhausting, ie. look at the ladies doing it; There are all kinds of bending, lifting, tripping, slipping, extreme caution to be considered, long hours of your hands, wrists joints being in one position, carpel tunnel syndrome and nerve damage to be considered, back breaking sofa cleaning or carpet cleaning for hours upon hours, the heat, the cold weather and how you can endure in these elements, the no’s, slammed doors in your faces, your wife or business partner regretting it as well as many other things that for sake of space have not been mentioned.
    3) Cleaning Chemicals – YES, you are dealing with cleaning chemicals, and although it does not come up at the free demo you are invited to attend, there is a lot to do with cleaning chemicals that go into your success. BUT, are you considering how you or your customers are affected by them? At first, you feel fine, breathing in the fine mist vapors because you see the person applying these extremely caustic cleaning solutions to the affected areas without protection at the free demo, but what you don’t realize are how these chemicals make people feel who breathe in these fine mist vapors and fumes. They are affected. Not to mention you yourself breathing them in on a daily basis without proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) ie, respirators. Again, none of this is mentioned at the free demo or even in the training class. I wonder why?
    4) Greed = discontentment – We are usually in it, to win it. People are usually unhappy with their current state of mind, affairs or means of income. Consider the following: What is awesome about this opportunity is how TMT has played upon the heart strings of those that are usually in this category of people. They are lazy, somewhat if they can admit it – this machine is easy! They like making lots of money doing very little – Up to .75 cent per square foot can be made. And at a rate of 1000 square foot per hour, I being highly skilled could clean commercially, 2,500sf per hour. That is a lot of money people! But please stop and realize it is not all the time and what you are currently doing for yourself might be better than what lies ahead. Maybe God wants you to learn humility and be faithful in that lesson first, before He promotes you to maybe make hundreds of thousands you don’t deserve making, and because you weren’t faithful in the little He gave you first, will you now all of a sudden be faithful in the much? We will see!
    5) Out of work? – Please work a day or a week in the life with someone who is doing this already, sign an insurance waiver, or whatever, but get out there first and do it. Make sure they are in a different city, so they don’t feel threatened by your interest and work with these guys. They will tell you how it is, you will see how it is and you will know for sure if it is worth ALL THE TIME AND MONEY that goes into it.
    6) Take away close here – Again, this might be for you, as it was for me. BUT IT COMES WITH A MAJOR PRICE!!! Then again, it may not be for you? You must decide for yourself.

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